Akrapovic Exhaust


About Akrapovic Exhaust

A Slovenian manufacturer of premium motorcycle exhaust systems, Akrapovic is famous for its pioneering use of titanium and carbon fiber, bringing them into common use as performance motorcycle exhaust components. Today, Akrapovic manufactures exhaust systems for far more than just racing applications; widely available as factory options direct from OEMs, they are renowned, top-quality aftermarket upgrades for customs, street bikes, dirt bikes, and even scooters.

Akrapovic continually tests new methods for pipe bending and material application to maximize the performance gains available from your motorcycle’s engine. No other motorcycle exhaust company employs as many scientists and engineers as Akrapovic. So trusted is their expertise that many of the world’s top WSBK and MotoGP teams trust Akrapovic to leave their newest, most advanced racing bikes in their care to build the best-performing exhausts in the market.

Quick Fact

The company was established in 1990 as "Skorpion in Scorpion" by Slovenian racer Igor Akrapovic, who believed that the pipe walls on OEM exhausts were excessively thick and that technically superior racing exhaust systems were too expensive for the average consumer. He designed his own exhausts using materials like titanium, stainless steel, and carbon fiber, and by the late 90s racing teams the world over were winning championships using lightweight Akrapovic exhausts.